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Therapeutic Cupping

November 27, 2017

Some of our members have already experienced the benefits of Therapeutic Cupping and we know that many of you have no clue what it is. We wanted you to be in the know about this great way to help your body so we had Bethany, our wellness specialist, answers some frequently asked questions about Cupping.


1. What is cupping?


Cupping is an ancient treatment and it's Chinese origins date back 300 or 400AD. Cupping is an alternative therapy is which a local suction (cup) is placed on the skin and suction is applied. The suction draws stagnant bloods and toxins to the surface of the skin which helps to improve blood circulation and promotes faster healing. 


2. What does a Cupping Session consist of?


Each session begins with a massage to warm up your muscle tissues. I will then apply the cup to your skin with, and "cup run" it to continue to loosen and prepare your body for the session. I will then begin to apply cups to the areas of stagnancy. Once cups are removed, I will gently massage again to further promote circulation and detoxification. 



Will it hurt?

Each person will have a unique cupping experience. Some have reported intense sensation and some have reported no sensation at all. I will be checking in with you throughout the session. If at any point you feel like it is too much, we can adjust or remove the cup. 


Will I have marks?

Again, every client is different, but typically there are some visible marks after a session. I always suggest taking an Epsom Salt bath which will help to reduce the appearance. 


How often should I cup?

I suggest the first two cupping sessions be within two weeks from one another. We can work together to create a treatment plan that is ideal for you and your needs. 


How much does a session cost?

Cupping sessions for our members are $30 for 3o minutes and $60 for 60 minutes.



 I have seen cupping increase range of motion, reduce pain and increase overall mobility in many of the Rose City Athletes. I am excited to continue working with all of you and to support you in any way I can in all your athletic endeavors. Feel free to call or text me at 203-587-0962 with any questions or to schedule your appointment! 



Our awesome Client Andy experiencing cupping for the first time! You tell by how proudly he is showing off his marks in the 2nd photo how much he loved it!






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November 27, 2017

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