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Athletic Training is designed for athletes that compete in sports. We will work with athletes to develop their strength, speed, agility, and just about every skill needed to make them the best possible athlete for their sport.

CrossFit is designed for every type of athlete. From beginners to the most elite level athletes, all workouts can be adjusted so that each and every athlete will get the most out of their training. Rose City Athletics is affiliated under the name 

Endurance Training will include all of the same movements and lifts as other types of training, however the weights will be relatively light and the workouts will last much longer. Designed for endurance athletes or just anyone that likes to grind for a long time.

Yoga will focus on the most important part of being an athlete, the preparation and recovery. We want our athletes t be able to perform at their best and be injury free. 

Personal Training is one on one sessions with a coach. Together we will assess your needs as an athlete and get you to where you want to be. These sessions are made by appointment only.

For members:   30 min session: $25/1 hour session: $50

Non-members: 30 min session: $50/1 hour session $75


Up to 4 people may join and split the cost.

Packages available! Ask our staff :)

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