****COVID Protocols are non-negotiable. 

Members/visitors must enter gym with a mask or face cover. Sanitize, Take Temperature, go to 1 out of 16 stations. Once in station, you may remove mask or face cover. Hit the workout. Once recovered, put mask back on, Sanitize all equipment and station. 



Monday -Sat 9am Class

Monday -Friday 430pm & 6pm Class


*New members may attend classes and/or One on One Training with a coach

Open Gym

Open Gym Blocks are available for Loyalty Members after assessment.


Open Gym Mon-Fri:

8 - 1hr 15 min time blocks available

Open Gym Sat:

9 - 1hr 15 min time blocks available 

Intro by appointment or any questions: Text 860-608-1095

Athetic Women Sprinting

Athletic Training

Sporty Woman Lifting a Medicine Ball


Running Event or Marathon

Endurance Training

Massage Therapy

Personal Training

NFC's Mission

What We Stand For

Norwich Fitness Center stands for Equality, Character, Community, Humility, Passion and Service. Our Staff and members abide by NFC's Core Values and are committed to upholding them. 


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